What do termites sound like?

What do termite sound like

What do termites sound like? One of the more common ways for homeowners to find termites is hearing them inside the walls. More often than not termite problems are first discovered after hours when people are settled in at home … Read More

Termidor Warranty for Your Home

Your house is your biggest asset! Why cut corners with termite protection? You and your family deserve the best protection and the best protection from termite attack is a Termidor perimeter treatment!

Termite Guys Protect Homes in Heritage Part

Heritage Park Termite Inspection

Over the past few weeks we have had a spike of activity in Heritage Park near Browns Plains. The increase in activity comes from a few factors one being hot humid weather which has subterranean termites seeking out new sources … Read More

Termites and Water Leaks

It is official! We are now in the strongest El Nino ever recorded. So far we have had a relatively dry start to Summer here in Brisbane; at least in comparison to the last few years.

Winged Termites (Alate) Annual Flight

Over the last week millions of winged termites called alates have taken to the air around Brisbane and South East Queensland. This annual event is how termites start new colonies. Even as you read this, thousands of new colonies are … Read More

Spring Cleaning Against Termites

We are hoping this Spring is treating you well. We decided it was a good time to do a little spring cleaning. As you can tell we have tidied and spruced up our Website. We hope you love it as … Read More

Termite Protection During Winter

During winter most of us like to stay indoors to keep warm unfortunately the same goes for termites! During the colder months termites are seeking out warmth. This can include building a nest deep underground or within┬áthe walls of your … Read More

Common Obstructions in Treatments

In a perfect world, technicians would lift the house out of the ground, coat the underside of the house with some sort of termite proof material and drop it back down. What we are saying is in a perfect world … Read More