Eating termites – A Collection of Intriguing Recipes

Nasutitermes Termite Species Soldier

It probably never crossed your mind that eating termites could be beneficial to your health. As food scarcity is gaining global awareness insects have entered the menus. Insects offer a climate conscious alternative to meat. Some insects even contain greater … Read More

Termite inspired Architecture

What can we learn from the animal kingdom in regards of constructing buildings? Termites build intriguing and climate controlled mounds. They need to control their environment meticulously as they are very sensitive beings that cannot survive unless it is warm … Read More

Types of Termite Species in Brisbane – Part II

Nasutitermes Termite Species

This is the second article in a series about different termite species in Brisbane. We started off with Schedorhinotermes and Coptotermes in the first post, which you can read here. This post will investigate two less aggressive subterranean termite species, … Read More

Types of termites in Brisbane

Subterranean termites in Brisbane

There are an array of different types of termites in Brisbane, most of these pose no danger to your home. But others do. This is the first post in a series regarding these species. Different species of termites require different … Read More

What is in a non-repellent Termite Barrier?

Non-repellent Termite Barrier

The Termite Guys tackle most active termite infestations using the ‘non-repellent’ range of Termidor products. These products offer a long term protection and are undetectable to termites. The termites cannot detect the presence of the slow-acting chemical and bring it … Read More