Christmas Trading Hours

Christmas Trading Hours Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Termite Guys Brisbane will be closed over the Holidays. We will be closed between December 22nd (22/12/2018) until January 15th (15/01/2019). If you are in urgent need of a termite inspection … Read More

Diverse Termite use in Africa

As I came across a blog which stated that some tribes in Africa consumed termite frass (also known as faeces) I became quite curious. Was this an urban legend? Or was it actually a true termite use? Is it common … Read More

What you need to know about Termites in winter

Termites in winter

Where are those termites in winter? Here in the Brisbane area you don’t see them flying around during our “cooler” months. Just because termites don’t swarm in winter doesn’t mean they are asleep. They are certainly alive and well, and … Read More

5 Benefits of Physical Termite Protections

Termite Guys Brisbane -physical termite protection -precon2wm

What is a physical termite protection? And what purposes does it serve? Why should you get one? A physical termite protection is one which the termites will have to build mud leads past, it does not stop the termites – … Read More