Winged Termites (Alate) Annual Flight

Over the last week millions of winged termites called alates have taken to the air around Brisbane and South East Queensland. This annual event is how termites start new colonies. Even as you read this, thousands of new colonies are … Read More

Spring Cleaning Against Termites

We are hoping this Spring is treating you well. We decided it was a good time to do a little spring cleaning. As you can tell we have tidied and spruced up our Website. We hope you love it as … Read More

Termite Protection During Winter

During winter most of us like to stay indoors to keep warm unfortunately the same goes for termites! During the colder months termites are seeking out warmth. This can include building a nest deep underground or within the walls of your … Read More

Common Obstructions in Treatments

In a perfect world, technicians would lift the house out of the ground, coat the underside of the house with some sort of termite proof material and drop it back down. What we are saying is in a perfect world … Read More

How Termite Guys Apply Termite Protection

“TRENCHING”                     First of all a Termidor professional will apply a liquid dilution of Termidor along the foundation wall of your home to create a continuous treated zone. This application method … Read More

Brisbane’s Most Wanted; 4. Nasutitermes

One of the reason Nasutitermes aren’t higher up the list is because nest identification is often relatively easy with this species. They give themselves away with their spectacular external arboreal (tree) nests. A peculiar trait of this species is the … Read More

Microceretermes Termites – The visible ones

Of all of the common termites species around Brisbane, Microceretermes spp are perhaps the most noticeable. You can find their nest throughout suburbs in South East Queensland. There are two arboreal builders locally. Microceretermes are different from their cousins by the … Read More

Drywood Termites (Featuring West Indian Termites)

Drywood termites work in a different way to the subterranean species. WEST INDIAN DRYWOOD TERMITE For a start, drywoods extract the moisture they require directly from the timber they attack. Unlike their relatives, the cast small pellets called frass from … Read More

Termites in The Front Landing

At the front of your house (it could be at the side or the back as well) there is a little concrete or tiled patio. It’s often the home of pot plants, deck chairs and other outdoor furniture. A nice … Read More