Termite Guys Brisbane – Termidor Accredited Applicators

Termites are a serious problem in Australia and you need to protect the biggest investment you may ever make…..your home. Termite damage costs around $1 billion annually in Australia and is not covered by household insurance. The Termite Guys recently became … Read More

Termite Guys Most Wanted – Heterotermes Ferox

From August through to October is flight time for Heterotermes, and each year home owners report seeing damage in gyprock, damage in skirting board timber, damage in window frames and cornices. Tiny trails can be seen eating out the gyprock/ … Read More

Termite Species: Schedorhinotermes Intermedius

It’s almost a tie in the Brisbane region between our two worst termite species Schedorhinotermes and Coptotermes. Both attack houses with similar zeal. The contrast is in the mode of operation. Coptotermes use blunt force, these fellas are a little … Read More

Termite Species: Coptotermes Acinaciformis

This termite species is right at the top of the Termite Guys hit list. They are wanted for mass destruction of property in Brisbane and right throughout Australia; homes, fences, retaining walls and many other timber structures are frequently destroyed … Read More

Termite Infestation in Forest Lake

Found a home among the Gum Trees? Many home owners throughout Forest Lake and surrounding suburbs have had to deal with the misfortune of finding termites in their home. Termite damage can be very expensive to replace and in some cases, … Read More

Termite Treatment Video by the Termite Guys

[youtube width=”343.75″ height=”275″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJIFgP3vyKY[/youtube] Check out or new video. This shows you what is involved when having your house treated for termites.

Flying Termites Swarm Throughout Brisbane

The last few weeks have provided ideal conditions for flying termites. Termites wait all year for warm, humid conditions to release thousands of flying termites from each nest. This can be an incredible spectacle as thick swarms of insects fly … Read More

Brick Houses Not Immune to Termites

“My home is safe from Termites, it’s all brick”… That’s what we hear all too often. The truth is that most brick homes are at much higher risk of being attacked by termites than homes that are built up off … Read More

Latest Thermal Technology – Thermal Termite Inspection

Unimpressed with your last Termite Inspection?? We’re excited to introduce the newest member of our team, the Flir B60 Thermal imaging Camera. Thermal imaging is really helping our industry move forward to more effective ways of detecting White ants (Termites) behind … Read More