Termites in Lota, Brisbane: 5 Risk Factors

A few years ago my partner bought an old Queenslander house in the Brisbane bay. The house sits close to the creek. Michael at Brisbane Termite Guys performed a termite inspection for us because we wanted a professional and thorough search of our home. He found out that we had had termites in Lota. As there were no live termites in the house we only had to remove and replace the damaged wood. Michael also informed us of a few risk factors that you can keep your eyes peeled on if you do not want termites damaging your home.

Termites in Lota

Five Termite Risk Factors

  1. Wood Touching the Ground

    Termites build tunnels underground to get from their nest to their feeding source. They need to stay humid as they have a soft exoskeleton, and if the wood they eat is in direct contact with the ground half of their work is already done. Many homes in Lota has wooden extensions going into the soil. Our high rise Queenslander house, even though it sits on concrete stumps, had the concrete stumps enclosed by a wooden frame. This frame was touching the ground and this is how the termites found their way into our kitchen. We had never heard of termites in Lota before Michael found the traces of them in our home.

  2. Water Damaged Wood and Leaks

    Some termites prefer water damaged wood and a leaking tap or drain may pose a danger. Also other pests such as carpenter ants love water damaged wood. Any leaking pipe, drain or tap will pose a major risk to the home as termites love humidity.

  3. Debris Covering the Foundation of the Home

    If you cannot see the base of the house termites may be eating away without you even noticing. A pro tip would be to tend to your yard and keep it tidy so that you can find the termites before they have done extensive damage.

  4. Infrequent Termite Inspections

    You cannot always see termites with the naked eye. That is why you can have The Brisbane Termite Guys inspect your home professionally. With our specialised termite detection equipment we can see through walls and find the Termites in Lota. Read more here.

  5. No Termite Barrier Treatment
    Termite Barrier Installation, Termites in Lota

    Without a termite barrier treatment your house is open for termite business at all times. If you would like to rest easy at night without a worry this is the safest option. The Termite Guys use the termiticide Termidor exclusively as it is the standard and best performing product on the market. A barrier treatment protects your home for up to eight years and only takes a day or two to install depending on the size of your home. Read more here.

Are you worried you may have termites in Lota, or anywhere else in the Brisbane area?

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