Termidor Warranty for Your Home

Your house is your biggest asset! Why cut corners with termite protection? You and your family deserve the best protection and the best protection from termite attack is a Termidor perimeter treatment!

Termite Guys Protect Homes in Heritage Part

Heritage Park Termite Inspection

Termite Inspections and Protection for Heritage Park Over the past few weeks we have had a spike of activity in Heritage Park near Browns Plains. The increase in activity comes from a few factors one being hot humid weather which … Read More

How Termite Guys Apply Termite Protection

“TRENCHING” How it’s done First of all a Termidor professional will apply a liquid dilution of Termidor along the foundation wall of your home to create a continuous treated zone. This application method is called “trenching” or “trenching and rodding”. … Read More

Termite Guys Brisbane – Termidor Accredited Applicators

Termites are a serious problem in Australia and you need to protect the biggest investment you may ever make…..your home. Termite damage costs around $1 billion annually in Australia and is not covered by household insurance. The Termite Guys recently became … Read More