High Quality Termite Treatment in Stretton

Termite Guys Brisbane - Removing Nasutitermes nest

What types of termite treatment are offered in Stretton? Which one should you choose, and why? If you own a home in Stretton, you probably want to keep it safe from Termite infestation. Let’s dig deeper into this. One of … Read More

Termites in Forest Lake

The past few months have been rainy and wet. This has offered perfect conditions for termites in Forest Lake. Only last week Michael treated a termite invasion and installed a Termidor termite barrier in a home in Forest Lake. The … Read More

Common Obstructions in Treatments

In a perfect world, technicians would lift the house out of the ground, coat the underside of the house with some sort of termite proof material and drop it back down. What we are saying is in a perfect world … Read More

How Termite Guys Apply Termite Protection

“TRENCHING”                     First of all a Termidor professional will apply a liquid dilution of Termidor along the foundation wall of your home to create a continuous treated zone. This application method … Read More