Termite Guys Protect Homes in Heritage Part

Heritage Park Termite Inspection
Termite Inspections and Protection for Heritage Park

Over the past few weeks we have had a spike of activity in Heritage Park near Browns Plains. The increase in activity comes from a few factors one being hot humid weather which has subterranean termites seeking out new sources of moisture (one being your home or property)

What you will also find in Heritage park is the houses are generally brick veneer homes which are highly susceptible to termite breaches.

So how do we avoid these issues?

The best protection for your home against a Termite invasion is to keep your protection up to date.

Check if your property is protected by quickly looking at the electrical meter box, on the inside lid is a sticker from your latest Termite Check. If there is no sticker this could mean you need protection installed. This sticker will also indicate if your treatment has expired.

Termite inspections should be held annually, not only will this keep your home safe it is an assurance Termite Guys are a Termidor Accredited Installer which includes a $2 Million Warranty.
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Regular Home and Contents Insurance doesn’t cover Termite damage on your house. That’s why we also give the option to take out a Timber Secure Warranty when you have annual inspections carried out by Termite Guys.
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If you have live termites and you live in the Heritage Park area
Termite Guys Brisbane specializes in the location and treatment
you can contact us for a free quote on termite protection or inspection.

Call our office on (07) 3393 3515 or Mike directly on 0447268257

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