Brisbane Termite Species

There are many Termite Species in the Brisbane area, however only a few cause major damage to wood in service. If you have found what you think might be a Flying Termite, please read more on our new Page completely dedicated to Flying Termites.

Schedorhinotermes intermedius

This species of termite is rampant throughout South East Queensland, and can cause major structural damage to softwood and hardwood timbers.
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Coptotermes acinaciformis

This is the most destructive termite species in Australia and can be found across most of the Australian mainland. Although relatively small in size, this species of termite is capable of causing large amounts of damage in a short period of time, and are most commonly found in or near bushland.
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Nasutitermes walkeri

Significant damage to sound timber in service is considered a rare occurrence as this species of termite prefers decaying hardwood.
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Microcerotermes turneri

This termite species can damage timber in service however prefers weathered and decaying timber. Damage to gyprock walls is very common.
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Heterotermes ferox

Although most infestations result in minimal damage, repairs can be quite expensive when these little critters are left too long. One of the smaller Termite species with a seemingly large appetite for destruction.

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