What do termites sound like?

What do termite sound like

One of the more common ways for homeowners to find termites is hearing them inside the walls. More often than not termite problems are first discovered after hours when people are settled in at home and the ambient suburban traffic noises have died out. Termites are surprisingly loud for such a small insect although it can be hard to hear them over conversation, traffic and household racket. “So what do termites sound like and what other noises could I be hearing?”

Clicking, Tapping and dripping. Termite sounds? Termite Guys Brisbane -Termite-Photo-nymph__800x397

Termites make a clicking sound communicate within the colony. They do this by rapidly tapping their head against the timber. This is often a result of the termites being disturbed, alarmed or invaded (ie. by enemy ants). They can use this sound as a way to determine their position in relation to other termites in their colony as well as other termite species which may pose a threat to the colony. When burrowing inside a piece of timber, this can help them to work out how close they are to the edge to keep feeding within the timber whilst staying protected within the wood.

There seems to be a direct correlation between wet weather and the termites making more noise. This may be as they’re excited when the ground is moist and they are contentedly feeding.  I can recall many times walking into heavily infested spaces within Brisbane homes and hearing the clicking sound of termites throughout the walls and the ceilings right as you walk in. After several days of heavy rain and when the ground is moist I tend to find that this is when termite sounds are most pronounced. Usually though, you’ll find yourself with your ear pressed against the wall trying to make out what that sound is. Once you’ve heard what termites sound like you’ll never forget it. It sounds similar to fingernails tapping on a bench. If you think you may be hearing termites, don’t hesitate to call anytime for some advice. Ph: 0447 268 257

Australian native and Asian House geckos, which are prevalent throughout Brisbane, are very vocal at night and give of sharp, short and repeated croaking sounds. Dripping taps or plumbing inside the wall can also be something to consider however these sounds are generally easier to identify.

Scratching and Gnawing noises

To determine what the sound is, is a few things that you should consider to help you investigate. I always ask my clients the same question, to describe what it sounds like. Rats, mice and possum sounds are generally described as either scratching, grinding, or gnawing. This is due to rodents being fairly Restless and chewing on wall framing, and debris or insulation inside the walls. You may also hear them running across the ceiling, insulation, or on top of the roof. Possums also have a habit of fighting and it sounds like a cat fight.

Buzzing in the walls

Wasps, Hornets and Bees all make buzzing noise and when they nest inside the wall, especially when there are lots of insects, you may hear a buzzing sound in the walls.

I’m always happy to receive calls or messages during the day or night for enquiries relating to termites. It is often hard to get advice after hours when you need it so please don’t hesitate to call or leave a message and I’ll get back to you. Ph: 0447 268 257

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