Termites and Water Leaks

It is official! We are now in the strongest El Nino ever recorded. So far we have had a relatively dry start to Summer here in Brisbane; at least in comparison to the last few years.

So how does this affect moisture loving creatures like termites?

It is still not clearly understood how termites locate your home to attack it. But there is one thing we know for certain. Termites are VERY good at finding water and damp spots. They seem to be able to find such areas from long distances and head straight towards them. A colony with a healthy moisture supply will do much better than a different nest that is starved of the same resource.

Termite Guys Brisbane - termite and water leaks

So it is very important to limit such sources from around your house. Fix that leaking tap! Extend your air conditioner and hot water overflows into a drain or at least well away from your house. Get the shower sealed and re grouted (this can save you from water damage and rot in your timber house frame anyway).

Termite Guys Brisbane - termites can cause water leakage

Don’t forget that termites have been around far longer than we have! They have had millions of years practice at surviving droughts and dry spells. With the ideal weather of the last few years nests will be robust and well stocked. They have plenty of strategies to compensate for the weather we are getting now. They know South East Queensland and areas like Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich and the Gold Coast like the back of their hands!

Let’s not make it any easier for them! Our Thermal Cameras are very good at spotting leaks as well as termites. Prevention is the best cure!

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