Termite Protection During Winter

Don’t let your home become a termite winter wonderland

During winter most of us like to stay indoors to keep warm unfortunately the same goes for termites! During the colder months termites are seeking out warmth. This can include building a nest deep underground or within the walls of your nice cosy house. Once they have established themselves they can remain active and cause some serious damage to your home and its foundations.

So what can you do to make sure a cold is the only thing you will catch this winter? Firstly you want to make sure that firewood you have been saving is not stacked up against the house, store these items at a safe distance so you don’t lead the uninvited guest straight into your house. Winter is also the season we like to have long hot showers to keep warm, so you want to ensure any leaks are repaired to limit the moisture accumulating in the wooden foundations of your property.

Remember the best defence against termites is to be proactive and to protect yourself before they become an issue. Termite Guys are a professional termite company we can inspect, detect and protect your property so you can enjoy that new games of thrones episode. (sorry I couldn’t make it through this without a winter is coming reference!)