Weekend Warriors and DIY Disasters – Protect Your Home Against Termites

Before you decide to spend your weekends for the next few months (probably years) on building in downstairs, we have an important message for you. Remember the bloody termites! IMG-Handyman-Skills


It can be very hard, sometimes impossible, to access the slab joint where they are getting in once there is a shower tray or kitchen bench over it. At least that is, without undoing all the hard work and money you’ve put into it.  When we tell you we have to drill through those nice new tiles it pleases nobody. Dismantling everything and going back to square one may seem radical but can be required in extreme cases.


The FIRST thing you should do before you install a partition wall or line a wall underneath a house is get permanent physical termite protection over any slab joints or service penetrations that will be concealed. Dont forget the infill slab joint that runs around the internal perimeter in single brick style homes. We are happy to give free quotes and advice concerning this. If you are lining a subterranean wall it is also crucial that you install adequate damp proofing. Many homes in the Brisbane area experienced problems in the heavy rains we’ve had in the last few years. Moisture attracts termites but can also rot timber framing, ruin floating floors and gyprock, cause mould and generate other hygiene issues.


Building in old carports and patios can also incorporate hidden slab joints. Physical protection is always preferred, escpecially if you are planning to tile or pattern the concrete. Regular treatment of the cold joint by chemical injection maybe the only other option.


Thinking of building an extension? give us a call for some advice.

Thinking of building an extension? give us a call for some advice.

Before you pour that concrete, think about how your going to get that formwork out afterwards. Even if it isn’t made of timber it could still hide a termite mud tube.


Qld legislation now requires physical protection on any new building work (including extentions) on residential homes. Its going to be really hard to sell if a massive quote for remedial work accompanies that pre-purchase inspection report.


Could this be hidden behind your extension?


Make sure you get an informed opinion before undertaking the big reno. Get a licensed operator to do the work. Properly done, you wont have to worry about them afterwards, at least not in your lifetime. You should still get regular inspections to check the work but the chance of a ‘nasty surprise’ will be greatly reduced.


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